Vince Gill - Which Bridge To Cross Which Bridge To Burn chords

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 G*          C(2)          G*
 I've got two lovers in my life now
                                  D*  D 
 A true love and one that's brand new
 G*             C(2)         G*
 I'm not really sure that I know how
                D          G     
 To love on and tell one we're through
    C                    G
 I can't sleep at night, I toss and I turn
    A                        D 
 I keep losing sight of, the lessons I've learned
 G                   G7              C
 I'm standing at the crossroads with just one concern
 C               G          D                   G
 Which bridge to cross, and which bridge to burn
 G*               C(2)             G*
 I knew this was wrong but didn't listen
                                      D*    D
 'Cause a heart only knows what feels right
 G*             C(2)      G*
 Oh I, need to reach a decision 
                     D         G
 And get on with the rest of my life
 *repeat chorus*
    C              G           D               G 
 Oh which bridge to cross, and which bridge to burn
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