Vince Neil - Cant Change Me chords

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F , G X 4

C                           A#
I see the headlights on the highway
C                   A# 
I'm standing in the rain 
C                     A#
Gonna hitch a ride to nowhere
C              A# 
Shake off Mary Jane
Ashes to ashes
Leave it in the dust 
Don't worry about missin' me 
You do what you must whoa 

F                          G
Change no you can't change me
     A#                      F
Into something I could never be 
F                  G
Sure nuff plain to see 
         A#                     F
That you can't you can't change me 

Are we losing our connection 
Are you somewhere on the line 
Yeah I'm hearing your suggestion 
But it's too late, too late here tonight 
So many reasons 
Everybody's out of time 
I'll take my chances baby 
Ooh ooh and take what's mine 

    F                        G
You know you're something to see 
        A#                        F
But you can't no you can't change me

D#     Dm          Cm  F
  You're somewhere in tomorrow
D#    Dm         Cm   F 
  I'm stuck here in today 
G#                              F
Got more trouble than a man can borrow
F           G#                           A#      C
When you're livin' it up livin' in outer space   yeah

F , G X 4 

Change you can't change me 
Yeah I bet you're something to see 
But you can't no you can't change me 
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