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Vines - Boy Girl Divide tab

g, d, c x2 

g      asus    d   
there was a boy, 

g        asus     c
cheated on his girlfriend, 

g       em     e  
and then she left him,

g     l#       c         
was gemma worth it?

        em          asus
and he whinged, and he whined,

asus     em          asus
and he cried, and he cried,
[ Tab from: ]
         em               c    l#
and he cried, becos he loved her.

g a  g a   g             a               g     a        c  d
aly, aly, his name was chin man and he loved aly oh yeah.

im pretty sure this is right, the guy who tabbed it 1st got the lyrics mixed up,
but this is actually correct. i love this song.. yeah, the lanes rule.
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