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Violent Femmes - Blister In The Sun tab

Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 10:11:48 -0500
From: "Jeffrey J. Gray" 

#converted to chordpro by Jeff Gray (
{t:Blister In The Sun}
{st:Violent Femmes}

e -------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- 
B -------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- 
G -------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- 
D -------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- 
A -----2--3--2-- ----2--23--2-- -----2--3--2-- -------------- 
E --3----------- -3------------ --3----------3 -------------- 

{c:Verse 1:}
[G]When I'm a wa[C]lkin' I [G]strut my st[C]uff, t[G]hen I'm [C]so strung [G]out.
I'm [G]high as a [C]kite, [G]I just [C]might [G]stop to [C]check you [G]out.

Let me go [Em]on, like a [C]blister in the sun.
Let me go [Em]on, big [C]hands I know your the [D]one.

{c:Verse 2:}
[G]Body be[C]ats, I[G] stain my s[C]heets.[G] I don't[C] even know [G]why.
My g[G]irlfriend [C]she at[G] the en[C]d, sh[G]e is sta[C]rting to c[G]ry.


{c:Repeat Verses}
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