Virgin Steele - Gate Of Kings chords

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           Em       C
 There´s a Rainbow, cover it in Blood
Em                        D
 There´s no Light upon my door
           Em         C
 There´s a Cold Wind, Rising from the Sea
G                          D
 There is Death and nothing more...
Em              Bm  G                 A
 But don´t turn away with eyes of the blind
C              D              Em
 There´s still Magick in your Soul
C         D
 There is Magick still...

Em    A         C         D
 Iron Walls and Chains surround us
Em          A         D
 Yet we are Proud and Free
Em       A         C         D
 Nothing Kills the Ties that Bind us
Em             A               D
 I´ll meet you at the GATE OF KINGS

 There´s a Silence tearing up the ground
 Freezing Heart and Shield and Bone
 In their grasp I see you as you lay
 Broken, cold beneath their Rage
 We won´t turn away with eyes of the blind
 There´s still Magick in our Souls
 There is Magick still...
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