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Vocal Few - Every Second chords

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"Every Second"
by Vocal Few
Tune guitar 1 half step down (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)

E                                                 A
A woman on a plane sitting next to me says it's a terrible thing to get old
  E                                               B
I asked her why, she said because you die and one piece at a time you unfold
         E                                          A
I said I feel it now at twenty-five, yeah I've been dying since the day I was born
But there's still one thing worse than that
     A               B
it's dying without a warning
     A                          B
It's dying without being warned

          C#5                      B        A
So if the cabin pressure drops and we start falling from the sky
E                                  B                    (C5)
We'll both pray to God in the last seconds of our lives
       C#5                     B        A
But if we don't die today then may this memory remain
     E                                B                  A
That every second lived is worth each second of the pain

Oh flight attendant could you tell me the story of how
you gave up trying to control your fate and rescue yourself
So calm and patient you greet death every day with a smile
A                                                           B  A
If today he takes you would you say that your life was worthwhile,
         B      A   B
and just smile?

      E           A
Hallelujah, Hallelujah (x2)

I never dreamed this life for me, but I am not afraid
At 35,000 feet I make my peace with fate
If my work here's complete before we hit the ground
May we sing the truth that sets us free, 'cause every second counts (Repeat)
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