Vocal Few - The Fountain chords

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Vocal Few - The Fountain (Capo 4 Key of B)

G    G/F#  Em       C
Give me a drink of water
    G        D/F#

To cool my tongue
G         G/F#      Em   

It's been far too long to be thirsty and
C        G           D/F#

Far too short to be numb

Give me your shame

I will breath it all into my lungs

And when I exhale

You will know what it's like to be loved

   Em     G     C             

So come, come drink from the fountain
G              Em        D

Feel the cool water rush in
 Em     G     C 

Come, come drink from the fountain
G                Em        D

You'll never be thirsty again

Give me the peace

That's missing inside my soul

'Cause I've been waiting for years holding on

Just to find that I've got to let go

F#                G                     D     F#           

You drink all you can but you cant get enough
                 G                  Em               A

You hold on to promises that were promised without love
F#                G                      D     F#

So when you've decided that you've had enough

I will be here at the well
Em                  A

Waiting to fill you up
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