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Volbeat - Heaven Nor Hell tab

This is my first tab, doing this all by ear. Pretty confident this is the right way to 
play it so, enjoy :) Leave any questions or comments on what I did and I will do my best 
to fix it haha.

Heaven Nor Hell

e -----------------------------------------|
B -----------------------------------------|
G 9-9--9-9--9-9--9/14-14-------------------|
D 9-9--9-9--9-9--9/14-14-14-14-9-9---------| (x2)
A 7-7--7-7--7-7--7/12-12-14-14-9-9---------|
E -----------------------12-12-7-7---------|

e -----|
B -----|
G *----|
D 9----|
A 9----| (palm mute till Harmonica)
E 7----|

         Play during harmonica part
e -------------------------------------------      -----|
B -------------------------------------------      -----|
G 9-------14-14------------------------------      *----|
D 9-(x16)-14-14---14-14--9-9----------------- (x2) 9----| (palm mute up to
A 7-------12-12---14-14--9-9-----------------      9----|  vocals)
E ----------------12-12--7-7-----------------      7----|

        *Play same notes as intro for the beginning vocals*


e --------------------------------------------|
B --------------------------------------------|
G ---------------9----------------------------|
D 7-----/9-------9-(x6)--7--------------------|
A 7-(x6)/9-(x7)--7-------7-(x7)---------------|
E 5-----/7---------------5--------------------|

Solo (Not exact on the strumming pattern, but this still sounds good)

e ----------------------------------------------------|
B ----------------------------------------------------|
G ----------------------------------------------------|
D 16-h18-1818-16-h18-1818-----------------------------|
A -------------------------18-16-16--18-(x6)-19-(x6)--|
E ----------------------------------------------------|

e -----------------------------------------------------|
B -----------------------------------------------------|
G -----------------------------------------------------|
D -----------------------------------------------------|
A 9-h11-11-11-9-h11-11-11------------------------------|
E -------------------------11-9-9--11-(x6)-12-(x6)-----|

That's pretty much all you need to play Heaven Nor Hell :) Hope you found this tab helpful.
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