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"God of the Universe"
by Bryan Olesen

     Em        C          G      D
The heavens declare Your glory
     Em         C                    D
The skies show what Your hands have made
         Em            C         G       D
Without words they're telling a story
     Em         C                   G       Am
And no one can hide from what they say
        G              D       Am
Day by day, night by night
                G            D
They tell the world who You are

C            G          D
You are the God of the universe
C                 G            D
The stars in the sky are Your fireworks
        C     D    Em      D   G
Jesus, shine Your light in my life
C          G     D
Let Your glory shine
God of the universe

Verse 2
I do not understand it
This is far too great for me
That all this beauty and wonder
Is nothing compared to Your love for me
With all my love, with all my heart
I'll tell the world who You are
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