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Walkabouts - A Life Full Of Holes chords

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              Life Full Of Holes - The Walkabouts (Chris & Carla)

Fill :


C :  X-3-2-X-1-X

Intro :  a mix of   Dm , Dsus2  &  Dsus4

      Dm       Dsus2       Dsus4         C           Am         F 
e|-x|--|--|  |--|--|--|  |--|--|-x|  |--|---|--|  |--|--|--|  |-x|--|--|
B|--|--|-x|  |--|--|-x|  |--|--|-x|  |-x|---|--|  |-x|--|--|  |-x|--|--|
G|--|-x|--|  |--|-x|--|  |--|-x|--|  |--|---|--|  |--|-x|--|  |--|-x|--|
D|--|--|--|  |--|--|--|  |--|--|--|  |--|--x|--|  |--|-x|--|  |--|--|-x|
A|--|--|--|  |--|--|--|  |--|--|--|  |--|---|-x|  |--|--|--|  |--|--|-x|
E|--|--|--|  |--|--|--|  |--|--|--|  |--|---|--|  |--|--|--|  |-x|--|--|

Dm                                    C        Fill
A life full of holes, a life full of wind       
The devil's dust it blows through me again
                                    C          Fill
Don't look for me, I ain't easy to find
                                Dm      F Am
The Barbary trail is where I've gone to hide
That's where I go to hide

Dm                                C        Fill
Me and Reeves walk down to the square
Rings of fire burnin' everywhere
                                 C          Fill
The pariah dogs and the acrobat kings
                        Dm       F      Am
I tell Reeves I have to laugh at everything
Always laughed at everything


Dm                                       C        Fill
A life full of holes and a life full of wind
Got a nomads temper and a shepherds skin
                                            C          Fill
Got my head in the sun, and my feet in the water cool
                                     Dm      F Am
This life full of holes, it leads me back to you
I'm coming back to you

Dm                                                C       Fill
Follow the cross of the south and I will find my home
Neath the marble sky, and the amber moon
                                        C          Fill
By the graves of stone and the volcano tall
                                           Dm      F      Am
There's a traveller's truth, it says there is no truth at all
In a life that's full of holes
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