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Wallflowers - Used To Be Lucky tab

Used To Be Lucky
words and music by Jakob Dylan
from the No Boundries benefeit 
tabbed by Ian (

Capo 2 (use the bar chord F)

C....G.....C....F.......G.....C......F.....G.....E.....Am /g...F....G....Am

F            G                      C
Mine is a sunshine kind of a valentine
F              G                    C
Sometimes I don't feel even worth a dime
F                   G
Now it Used to be different
E                      Am    /g
before i been where i've been

You've got a heart so you know how it feels
When you can't move at the top, of the ferris wheel
Now I used to keep trying
But it always felt like dying

Sad, sad
Everything has gone bad
When the dreams i've had
they all laughed at what i had

Oh no
Tell me that it ain't true
When I awake i'm still me
When I wish i could once be you
F                G
I used to feel lucky
        E                     Am  /g
Until i spent some time with me

Now if losing is amusing man get a load of me
You seen me falling in love with the gullotine
I used to be funny
To think you would think of me

I wish i could just take all my things and leave
But i'm falling down in the wheels of this machine
But i used to be something
To be nowhere with nothing


Guitar solo (use verse chords x2)



F.....G.....Am x2
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