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Warm Gun - Theres Always Tommorow tab

Theres Always Tommorow - Warm Gun

words and music by Liam Duggan and Richard Mc Sorley.

G             Bm      Em   Em7  C   
Theres always tommorow to start again
G             Bm    Em       Em7  C
I can feel my sorrow falling like rain
Em                   G
I could make it if I want to
Em             A    A7
Or just remain free
G                    A7                  
Cause theres always tommorow
C                 G
For you to rescue me

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G             Bm      Em        Em7         C
Theres always something standing tall in my way
G               Bm     Em      Em7        C
And maybe it is myself, only I can really say
Em                 G
I could do it this time
Em              A   A7
Or throw it all away
G                   A7
Cause theres always something
C                      G   
That keeps me from you day.

Br. F   C   G   x2

G               Bm     Em      Em7   C
Theres always a rainbow, just out of reach
G                        Bm
And I dont mean to be so cold
Em                Em7            C
But I dont know what you mean to me
Em               G
I'm feeling that wind blow
Em            A   A7
It's changing again
G                 A7
But theres always tommorow 
C        Em
To start again
             Em7   A7         C            Em
Yes, theres always tommorow______ to start again
          Em7      C        
Theres always tommorow,
Cm       G
To start again.
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