Warp 11 - Boldly Go Down On Me chords

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Song: boldly go down on me
Artist: warp 11
Transcriber: Matthew Choat ( moc0007@gmail.com )

This song follows the C-B-Am chord riff throughout. All open 
using the A string on second fret for “B”. Listen to the song for timing.


Com-link’s on the kitchen sink
And red-shirt’s on the dryer
Orders came from up above
Looks like my time’s expired
I know I won’t make it back from Zeti-Alpha-3

Last chance to boldly go--- down on me
Won’tcha boldly go--- down on me (x5)
Oh can’t you see, I’m in security

::whistle interlude with C-B-Am riff::

Verse 2:
One last chance to say goodbye-e-oh
Oh one last kiss
Starfleet is callin’ darlin’
Grant me one last wish
They say space is the final frontier
Well I think that you should know
Well you can never tell for sure
Until you boldly go, down on me
Go down on me
Oh won’t you boldly go—down on me (x5)
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