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Warp 11 - Rand chords

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Song: Rand
Artist: Warp 11
Album: Red Alert
Transcribed by Matthew Choat ( )

Intro: E---A---B---(x4)(use bar chords strumming only the e-B-G strings)

Verse1: (same 3 string strumming pattern as intro)
She had long legs and blond hair
And a skirt cut to here
She's the sexiest go-go boot wearin' little hottie
In the final frontier
She had a digital clipboard
As she walked down the hall
And when she looked at the bridge crew
She knew that she could have sex with 'em all

Chorus1: (in comes full strum bar chords with distortion)
Yeoman Rand
I'll be your man
Captain Kirk had his hand up your skirt
But I don't give a damn

Bridge: hold on B

Verse 2: E---A---B---
She had a thing for the Captain
But didn't we all
She used to mainline the Venus drug
Cut with pure alcohol
She was fired you know
After six episodes
And my heart was forever broken
When she left the show

Repeat chorus1

Chorus2 : E-G#-A-B
Yeoman Rand
I'll be your man
With a need for warp speed and more speed
You just don't understand

Repeat chorus1

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