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Warp 11 - The Ballad Of Bones 2 tab

The Ballad of Bones 2
Warp 11
It抯 dead jim
Transcribed by Matthew Choat



Verse 1:

G                                 C
I had a job washing dishes at an old bar and grill
G                           D        Dsus2  D
After hours I drink like a fool
G                             C
With a mighty good friend who happened to bartend
     G          D          G
His way through medical school
G                                 C
He was a young star fleet doctor; about fell off his rocker
G                       D      Dsus2   D 
when his assignment came in
G                                 C
Country boys born and raised at the stars we did gaze
G                       D             G
The next morning he left stinking of gin
       C                   G
Well, McCoy, my boy, come mix me a drink
     C                       D
Before the night抯 over I抣l puke in the sink
          G                          C
And we抣l cry till we laugh and we抣l both shit our pants
G                       D               G
You抮e the best drinking friend I抳e ever had 

Verse 2: (same as v1)
He spent many a year in danger and fear
On sailing a ship beyond the stars
So imagine my surprise when I heard he had died
In his bed 50 million miles this side of Mars

::Repeat Chorus::

Verse 3:
This old bar gets lonely around this time of night
And lonely is why I抦 drinking for two
As I scrub out the stains and mop up the goo
In the home to the only Bones I ever knew
Dammit Jim
Dammit Jim
Let抯 pour one more round

::Repeat Chorus::

::End on slow down pick of G::
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