Warp 11 - I Dont Want To Go To Heaven As Long As They Have Vulcans In Hell chords

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I Donít to Go to Heaven, As Long As They Have Vulcans In Hell
Warp 11
Tabbed by: Matthew Choat moc0007@gmail.com

Intro riff/Chorus riff: 
Pickslide up then A----D----A----D . 
To make the riff melody like on the record you will need to hammer on and off the 
b string using your pinky finger while strumming the bar chord D up and down like 
so.... (strum down = d strum up = u)

G:------6-6-6-6-6--7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7---------: x2

Verse 1: ( ÖÖ. = Palm Mute)
A ÖÖ.                                            D ÖÖ.
I donít want to live like you and be just another clone
I donít want to be popular Iíd rather be alone
I donít want your addiction, I got one of my own
Cause Iíve been bestowed every episode of Star Trek ever shown
(Repeat Intro riff)
A ÖÖ.                                         D ÖÖ.
I donít want to be a leader or last longer in bed
I donít want a therapist to fix my fucked-up head
I donít want to hear the lies and bullshit that youíve spread
I just want to go and get it on with a girl from Betazed
B                                 D
And boldly go where no manís gone before


Chorus: (w/intro riff) 
Yeah, I donít want your shiny car
I donít want your new guitar
I donít want your medicine
When Iím not feeling well
I donít want your paradise
I found my god in Star Trek Five
I donít want to go to heaven 
D                               A
As long as they have Vulcans in hell
(Repeat Intro Riff)

Verse 2 (same as v1):
I donít want entertainment news or reality TV
I donít give a flying fuck about Paris and Britney
I donít want your shitty job, povertyís fine for me
It just leaves me more quality time in front of my TV
To boldly go where no manís gone before 

::Repeat Chorus::

Bridge (Listen for strum mute pattern): 

A A... D D... E E... D D...

And your champagne 
And your cocaine 
And your hot stocks 
And your Botox
And your flat screen 
And your cuisine 
And your implants 
And your tight pants 
And your new cars 
Cuban cigars
And your hot tub 
And your yacht club
And your limo 
And your Bordeaux  
E              D           A
Wonít make you happier than me

::Solo (I just improvise on the standard A Blues scale)::

::Repeat Chorus::

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