Warrant - I Saw Red Acoustic chords

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 G                D
Ooh, it must be magic
 Em                      D      Cadd9
How inside your eyes, I see my destiny
  G                D           
And every time we kiss, I feel you
  Em                   D         Cadd9
Breathe your love so deep inside of me
        Em7                    A7sus4
If the moon and stars should fall
  Cadd9              G  G/F#
They'd be easy to replace
   Em7               A7sus4
I would lift you up to heaven
       Cadd9             G
And you would take their place
            Em7  G   D    Cadd9  
(Chorus): And I saw red when I opened up the door
Em7  G   D    Cadd9
I   saw red, my heart just spilled onto the floor 
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