Warren Barfield - You Inspire Me chords

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Am            Em       
Hear the roar of the ocean
F                E                 
Feel the waves at my feet
Am                 Em                  
I'm looking over my shoulder
       F              E              
At the mountain peaks
Am              Em                 
There's a bird that is whistling
F           E                 
What a wonderful world
And I am so amazed
I have to sing your praise

Am       Em            
Cause you 
   F          E   
You inspire me yeah
Am         Em            F             E                         
I see your reflection in everything (everything)
Am              Em  
You're moving me
F            E      
Like a melody whoa
F  E       Am    Em
You inspire me      

Am         Em      
Well the driving rain 
F          E          
Sets the beat
Am        Em           F      E    
The wind is howling a harmony
Am        Em       
The clouds roll away
F                E         
The sun shines a chorus
Your creation sings the words
To songs I've never heard

I want to live a life with passion
That always points to you
        Dm                           Am                                         
Share a love that is reckless and untamed
Cause You've sketched the world in wonder
And you draw it out of me
The Heavens declare your glory
And I want to do the same yeah, yeah
Oh Lord, help me do the same
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