Warren Haynes - Night Of A Thousand Stars chords

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Night Of A Thousand Stars 

Written By: Robert Hunter
Performed by:  Warren Haynes/Phil Lesh & Friends

Full moon rising over Alcatraz
F#m                  A     E
Hangin' there like a big topaz
Ruling this night of a thousand stars
F#m                      A      E 
With a back seat full of broken guitars
Raised in chains by Jehosaphat's daughter
F#m                            A       E
Served twenty years for walkin' on the water
Just out fishin' for love in the rain
F#m                      A          E
From an easy chair in the passing lane
F#m                     A        E
If I had forgotten, I'd remember well
F#m                         A        E
The fruit and the tree from which it fell
F#m                     A         E
Many long years rollin' homeward bound
F#m                            A          E
Goin' hell-for-leather on this merry go round


E          B        A
Night of a thousand stars
E            B      A
The sound of sweet guitars
B              A
On this night (on this night)
B              A
On this night (on this night)
B              A
On this night (on this night)
B                           E
On this night of a thousand stars

Down in the laundry with my head in my hands
F#m                  A     E
Doin' whatsoever the Lord commands
Poppin' the hood off a Ford V8
F#m                         A          E
Disguised with an out of state license plate
Payin' my taxes in whiskey and blood
F#m                      A          E
Mixed in a barrel floating on the flood
Doing my penance for a life of crime
F#m                      A          E
Singing B Minor Masses in double time
F#m                        A          E
The tiger and the lion hanging on the wall
F#m                           A          E
Between the head of a saint and a bocce ball
F#m                     A          E
I've been rebuked and I've been scorned
F#m                                A          E
But I can't ever say that I haven't been warned


E                Bm   A
I tried to serve you right
E                    Bm    A-E
I tried to serve you well
E                     Bm          A
It looked all right by morning light
Bm                A
In hindsight - who can tell?

Jam on Chorus

Flipping through the pages of my soul 
F#m                          A    E
My heart rears up and swallows me whole
These were moments of my life
F#m                          A     E 
Since dissected with a thick blunt knife
If I could recapture one moment of truth
F#m                           A        E
From the firm foundation of a misspent youth
I'd fall like rain on this thirsty earth
F#m                   A     E
A testament of beauty and worth
F#m                         A      E
But if it don't happen because it can't
F#m                   A          E
I hope and pray this wish you grant
F#m                       A       E
From one man's heart to a falling star
F#m                 A      E
We always remember who we are

Jam on Chorus

Remember the night of a thousand stars 
F#m                     A      E
When love swam naked in the reservoir
Writing mad sonnets in the midnight park
F#m                         A    E 
Leaving tracks of tears for her watermark
Drums of the jungle on the edge of night
F#m                          A        E 
Only you could see with your perfect sight
If you don't remember you can be excused
F#m                   A    E 
'Cause it could never be reproduced

[chorus] + jam

Tabbed by:  Jake Mihalak - mihalakj@yahoo.com
Tab assistance from:  billpriday@comcast.net & www.whitegum.com
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