Waterboys - The Return Of Pan tab

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F                Em                    Am
I stood upon the balcony with my brand new bride.
F                   Em                    Am
The clink of bells came drifting down the mountainside.
F                  Em            Am                  G
Within our sight, something moved lightning eyed and cloven hoofed.
F             Em     Am
The great god Pan is alive.

F                Em              Am
He moves amid the modern world in disguise.
F              Em              Am
Itís possible to look into his immortal eyes.
F                        Em            Am                  G
He's like a man you'd meet anyplace, until you recognize that ancient face.
F             Em     Am
The great god Pan is alive.

C                         G           
At sea on a ship in a thunderstorm.

F                      Am
On the very night that Christ was born.
C                    G         F                        Am      
A sailor heard from overhead a mighty voice that cried, "Pan is dead."
C                  G                Em                 
So follow Christ as best you can, Pan is dead. Long live Pan.

F                  Em       Am
From the olden days, and up to all the years.
F                  Em       Am
From Arcadia to the stone fields of Inisheer.
F                          Em            Am                  G
Some say the gods are just a myth, but guess who I've been dancing with?
F             Em     Am        
The great god Pan is alive.

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