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Wax - Dispensary Girl chords

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Dispensary Girl - WAX



Instrumental Intro:

Am - Dm - G - C


Am  Dm
Oh, oh-oh-oh

G              C
I think I'm in love again

Am  Dm
Oh, oh-OH-oh

G               C            Am               Dm
She gives me my medicine and we, was meant to be

G                         C
She works at the dispensary, and every time I

Am          Dm            G       C
See her she gets me oh so high!



I had a really bad day

It was a downer

  G                             C 
I walk into the place hoping my girl's behind the counter

When they buzz me in

I got my finger's crossed

I smell kush in the air and heard

Some weird music like Sigur Rós

Am                       Dm          
I'm flabbergasted when I entered the spot

        G                               C
Cause I seen my girl before and she was never this hot

      Am                            Dm                     G
And I know I'm gonna spend a lot of time picking weed up today!

She got me singing like...

And then the chorus comes back with the same chords.

Hope you liked my first tab, I would be glad if I received suggestions on how to make tabs better.

- blizzardmk
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