Waxahatchee - Misery Over Dispute chords

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Katie plays the song with power chords, but this is another way you can play it if you 
have a hard time with bars. The lyrics are correct, they are from the CD jacket.

Capo 4th fret

C       G
Revive the summer at dusk.
Am           Em                       C
I run fast, leave you in the dust and the
                  G                     Am
First soul that I pass on the street could not
              Em           C
Rid me of my cheating defeat.

G Am Em C G Am Em

C     G                   Am
If I claimed a sole regret I
           Em                 C
Loved only enough to accept and I'll
                 G                 Am
Be spineless and sick in your eyes until
             Em               C
Death or the dragging of time I
             G            Am
Chose misery over dispute I
              Em                   C
Whispered and walked on eggshells just to
               G           Am
Choose misery over dispute I
             Em        C
Chose misery over dispute.

G Am Em end on C
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