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Waylon Jennings - We Had It All tab

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******************* WE HAD IT ALL ******************

written by Donnie Fritts and Troy Seals

performed by Waylon Jennings.

Verse 1:
           C/G                                 Am
	I can here the wind blowin' through my mind
         F                        G                        C/G
	Just the way it used to sound through the Georgia pines
	You were there to answer when i called
         F                G             C/G
	You and me Lord knows we had it all

Verse 2:
          C/G                             Am
	Remember how i used to touch your hair
      F                         G                     C/G
	While reaching for a feeling that was always there
	You were the best thing in my life that i recall
      F                      C/G
	You and me,we had it all

          C/G        F            C/G
	I know that we can never live those times again
                         F            C/G
	So i'll let my dreams take me back to where we've been
                         F          C/G
	And i'll stay with you girl as long as i can
      F              C/G F        C/G
	Oh it was so good,was so good
                     G          C/G
	mmm mmm when i was your man

Verse 3:(A tone higher)
          D                                Bm
	I'll never stop believing in your smile
      G                         A                      D
	Even though you didn't stay it was all worth while
	You were the best thing in my life that i recall
      G           A           D
	You and me,we had it all


     e --2--3--5--5--5--5s7--5--3---2---0---2------3--3s5--2---0--|
     B -----------------------------------------------------------|
     G -----------------------------------------------------------|

     e --2--3s5--0--2---                  e --2--3s5p0--2----|
     B -----------------                  B -----------------|
     G -----------------         or       G -----------------|

Thanks to David M. Potter for the lyrics.
Perret Charles-Amir :
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