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Waylon Jennings - Anita You Are Dreaming chords

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verse 1: 
          A                                          E 
      Anita,come closer,stop crying and listen to me 
      I guess it's too late now but somehow i must make you see 
      What we tought was our world,was only a dream world 
      And we just can't go on like this 
          E                                               A 
      Anita you're dreaming of a world that can never exist 

          D                                                 E    
      Anita,it's over there's nothing that's left now to say 
      Anita,you're dreaming and i know it's better this way

Verse 2: 
          A                                          E   
      Anita,come closer and close your pretty blue eyes 
      Your young dreams just can't be and somehow you must realize 
      That each time you're with me,my conscience reminds me 
      If someone whose waiting alone 
          E                                                  A  
      Anita you're dreaming and when you'll awake i'll be gone 
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