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Wayne Wonder - No Letting Go Acoustic tab

I have loved this song since i first heard it years and years ago and this is for the 
i saw on youtube of him in the greenroom. There have been many requests on the comments 
for this so this is my attempt
listen to song for strumming, its really simple to pick up

verse and course:
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e -8---4---6-|
b -9---4---8-|
g -10--4---8-|
d -10--6---8-| repeat
a -8---6---6-|
E -8---4---6-|

pre-course and Bridge:

e -9---8---6---8---|
b -9---8---6---8---|
g -9---8---6---8---|
d -11--10--8---10--| x1 then to course
a -11--10--8---10--|
E -9---8---6---8---|

thats really all there is to it hope it helps

Tabbed By: Braden McKinnon (Soul_Blazer)
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