We Are The In Crowd - Both Sides Of The Story chords

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I play with capo on 1 but you don't need it, and I'm not sure this is 100% accurate but 
sounds good enough! Enjoy!

If this is what you think is honest
           G                                    Em7        Dsus4
Honestly, I think I'm gonna freak out
                                          Cadd9          G
This isn't where I wanna be, wanna be
                          Em7         Dsus4
I think I'll let myself out
Show me the door, oh
G                                    Em7
'Cause I'm leaving the way I came in
With the mess I made
Tonight will be the one to set it off

We had our lights on the town
Your eyes were smiling then
Em7                                                                  Dsus4
You left me hanging around with all your wack friends
You don't take me serious
Boy, you make me furious
Em7                      Dsus4
Guaranteed, we'll disagree

Cadd9                       G
I found out finding out isn't the worst part
Em7                            Dsus4
Don't believe it's just me
And I've found out
Do you really even have a clue?
Em7                                    Dsus4 (hold)
You're not quite Satan, but I really think I hate you

(Continue chords same throughout rest of song)
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