We The Kings - Promise The Stars chords

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We The Kings- Promise The Stars
Tabber- Gavin Maxwell

Bear with me, this is my first tab.. but still, 
theres a wierd like chord in here, but its used quite frequently.. 
i dont know the name of it, but its the inbetween space of a regular D and a D7... 
it may be a D6, but im not sure, ill just call it D6 here. 
Another thing is, its optional, but during the chorus when I switch from an A to a C, 
i do this thing during the transition where i add a B root in there for a second. 
so you would take your middle finger from the A and move it to the second fret on the A string 
(b root) for about one or two strums during the transition.. it just sounds cool 
oh well, here it is. 

Key: D i think

The Chords:   
            D    D6    D7     C     G or G

Intro: D D6 D7 G
Let's take off in flight 
And race through the sky 
               D7                                         G
And like the hundreds of airplanes we're floating way up high 
We'll never look down 
We'll build our own town 
               D7                                          G
And like the thousands of clouds we will never touch the ground 

               Bm         A      G
But would you risk some broken bones 
         Bm    A          G
Just to call this place home 
This could be home 

           D                  D6 (optional for what you think sounds right)
Maybe I'm down low, maybe I'm up high 
Maybe I'm losing my own mind 
               C                                         G
You know that there are no other two hearts closer than ours 
                D                 *D6*
Maybe you'll follow, maybe you'll stay 
I'm praying you won't give yourself away 
              C                                   G
You know that you are the only one I promise the stars 
     D   D6 D7  G
You are 

With your hand in mine 
We'll soar through the night 
              D7                                       G
And like the dozens of spaceships we'll dance with satellites 
We'll keep our eyes closed 
And we won't let go 
               D7                                    G
And with the millions of stars we'll will never be alone 

               Bm         A      G
But would you risk some broken bones 
         Bm    A          G
Just to call this place home 
This could be home 


D       D6        D7           G
I---------- want you my only lover 
    D     D6         D7          G
And I-------- want you my only lover 

Chorus 3x

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