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We The Kings - The Story Of Your Life chords

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Capo on 4th :) Enjoy

   C                            G
The story of your life is so twisted
Like some one out there is missing
Everything you do

You're wasted
Nothing ever really makes sense
If you keep searching you'll find me
Hidden inside you

Leave behind your troubled eyes
See brand new what I can do
Am                           G
Just say yes if you really want me to

    C                 G  
We can stay like this or go, go, go
   Am                   F
We can take it too fast or take it slow
    C                  G
We can spend our lives oceanside
Or count the stars in the desert
On a magic night
    C                G
You can lie awake in bed
            Am            F
Or come and sleep with me instead
   C                      G
If you give me one chance to take your hand
     Am                          F
I'll fill the empty pages as you write
      G           C
The story of your life

C G Am F

Verse 2:(same chords in verse 1)
(same pre-chorus and chorus)

This is now, no I don't mean maybe
Just wanna scream and call you baby now
Take a chance and call me crazy
G                               F      G                               
Smile kid, there's only one way out

(Repeat Chorus)
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