We Won The Science Fair - Shady Faces In Shady Places Acoustic chords

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Artist: We Won the Science Fair
Song: Shady Faces in Shady Places
Album: The Acoustic Sessions

The entire....
Dm      A
Neighborhood how
Dm        G
It chills the bones
A#     F          Am     A7
And it shakes the bowels(?)

Dm        A
Twist the handle 
Dm   G
Open the doors
A#        F
This room is
    Am          A7
The same as the one
Dm   A  Dm  G  A#  F  Am  A7 

A#      F                 A#       C
Please, shield me from this nightmare
        A#             F
Cuz the people in this room
    A#      C
Are stuffy, snobby, 
            Dm  A  Dm  G  A#  F  Am  A7
and full of despair

Dm        A
They turn up
    Dm       G
All of their noses
A#      F
Hide behind
     Am        A7
Good looks and poses
Dm     A       Dm       G
But we are not like that
   A#      F         Am
No we will not stand for
Behavior like that


F       Am
If only they
           A#     C
Could just go away.

Take (all) their things
Their faux faces
Flip (all) the tables
Tip all the vases

Is never
A7             A7
Going to look, going to look
    Dm  A  Dm  G  A#  F  Am  A7
The same!

Dm      A
Hear me now
Dm     G
When I say
A#     F
When I first 
Am        A7
Woke up today
Dm      A
I found myself
Dm   G
In a place where
A#     F
I'm no longer
Am A7
On the shelf


Dm A Dm G A# F Am A7 Dm

We Won the Science Fair:
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