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Weakerthans - Sympathetic Smile chords

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A         C                 G                D
An open window shows the starshine-well up there
A             C G                 D           
I clear my throat to hear some sound
A           C          G             D
Think of falling out into the open air
A           C        G      D
Blue-black sky and cold familiar ground

A            C          G   D
Something always pulls me back
A            C          G   D
Something always pulls me back
A            C              G     D
Something always seems to come along
A        C      G      D
Despite the, despite the

Em                  C
Blow up dolls of superheroes
G                  D
Sad sound bits in lives
Em                        C
These crowded streets of empty faces
G               D
Loneliness and lies
Em    G                   D        C
I'm waiting for some sympathetic smile
Em     G            D             C
I'm confident it's just another mile

A C G D....
Stay up thirty hours waiting for a sign

Stilted sunlight pulled through old venetian blind

Lost cause, a pregnant pause, a shiver when I wake

To persevere, it's wearing thin through all the noise I make
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