Weakerthans - Illustrated Bible Stories For Children chords

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The Weakerthans
Illustrated Bible Stories for Children

Standard Tuning
Capo 2

Chords are implied in the main riff repeated throughout.

   G    Am  Bdim  C     Dm   C    Am   G
 Morning bright rise / Go over your lines 

 C           G         F
Iron your carefully crafted disguise

  G   Am   Bdim   C
We'd all like to sing.

  Dm  C   Am  G       C          G          F
It's easy to sigh; to sprinkle a handful of plausible lies.

Our buildings will rise,
Poke out our own eyes; Publicly smile and privately frown.
A weeping reprise.
Please hear my cries; I'd like to pull just this one building down.
So turn off the sky.
Head in my hands. Night keep me warm. White window-sill.
Blinded by heart.
Cut my hair short."Eyeless in Gaza with the slaves at the mill."
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