Wednesday 13 - My Homesweet Homicide tab

Wednesday 13
My Home Sweet Homicide
Fang Bang

This song takes practice.
The solo is weird, but its cool. 
This is my first tab, so cut me some slack eh?
how to read this tab:
DROP D TUNING:             ||
E *bottom string*          ||
B                          ||
G                          ||
D                          ||
A                          ||
D *fat string*             ||


Lets get started:

The Intro:
D|7-6-5------------|-7-6-5----------------| The inro is played about 
A|5-6-5-3--3--3--3-|-5-6-5-355355---------|  4 times, and repeated 
D|------3--3--3--3-|-------355355---------|  throughout the song

G|-----------|------------| I can't help you to how to play this part
D|7-x-6666---|------------|  you just gotta learn it by ear (sorry!)
     ^           ^
   PLAY 3X    then play 1x (repeat this process until chorus is done)

+Solo: (to be played with the Chorus)
+B|---19--|  Ok, this part is annoying until you get used to
+G|-------|   it... Play this and over around the second time,
+D|-------|   speed it up
+          Play this part 4 times, then play this 3 times
+Double Tap this part:

Wednesday 13 is AMAZING!!!

I hope this worked for you, my name is Dan *SINOWred* and i am glad to have made this tab... bye!

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