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Ween - Exactly Where Im At chords

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*Tune A string to A G

G:     x05007
Gmaj9: x04005
Em:    x02003
Gmaj7: x00002
Am7:   x5x055
A13:   x2x022

G                   Gmaj9
Letís begin with the past in front
Em                          Gmaj7             Am7
and all the things that you really donít care about now
you'd be exactly where I'm at

G                   Gmaj9
And to think you've got a grip
Em                         Gmaj7             Am7
Well look at yourself your lips are like two flaps of fat
They go front and back and flappity flappity flap


G                       Gmaj9
I'm all staged, itís all an act
Em                                          Gmaj7                   Am7
I'm really scared that I may fall back on the abstract
And be exactly where I'm at

G                              Gmaj9
If you're to be the roaming eye
Em                       Gmaj7                Am7
Pry it open and let me tell you why it sees
The harsh realities
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