Ween - Stroker Ace tab

This song isn't hard it's just really fast, everything is tremelo picked so im not going 
write that into the tab

Intro/Chorus riff 1

e     ----------------|
B     ----------------|
G     ----------------|
D     --------0-------|
A     ----0-2---2-0---|
E     0-3-----------3-|


e     ---------------------------|
B     ---------------------------|
G     ---------------------------|
D     ---------------0-----------|
A     -2p0h2p0h2p0h2---2p0h2-----|
E     -----------------------3-0-|

 Chorus riff 2

e     --------------------------------|
B     --------------------------------|
G     ------------------------2-1-0-1-|
D     2-1-0-1-2-1-0-1-2-1-0-1---------|
A     --------------------------------|
E     --------------------------------|

 Chorus riff 3

e     -----------------|
B     -----------------|
G     ------------2244-|
D     --------66660022-|
A     555555554444-----|
E     33333333---------|

I have learned the solos but i'm to tired to tab them out, i'll do it later, if this 
right it should be pretty close
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