Weezer - Island In The Sun chords

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Intro:  Main Riff x4
Em    Am                D    G
            When you're on a holiday
Em    Am              D        G       
            You can't find the words to say
Em   Am            D                G      
            All the things that come to you
Em   Am             D         G           
            And I want to feel it too
Chorus (with chorus riff):
Em    Am              D      G          
               On an island in the sun
Em    Am                  D               G     
               We'll be playing and having fun
Em     Am               D            G      
              And it makes me feel so
    Em     Am     D             G
fine I can't control my brain
Main Riff x2
Em    Am                     D        G
              When you're on a golden sea
Em    Am                   D          G
             You don't need no memory
Em    Am                D      G
             Just a place to call your own
Em    Am        D           G
              As we drift into the zone
D5                   G5
      We'll run away together
D5                           G5
      We'll spend some time forever
C5                    A5                D5 (2)
      We'll never feel bad anymore
Main Riff x2
Solo (x2) w/main riff:
Play Main Progression x6
sing "We'll never feel bad anymore" during 2nd and 5th repetitions
Hold last G
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