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Weiland Scott - The Date tab

e: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 16:10:24 -0400
From: Mark Phelps 
Subject: w/weiland_scott/the_date.crd

"The Date" by Scott Weiland from the Atlantic album "12 Bar Blues"

Written by:  Scott Weiland 
Transcribed by:  Mark Phelps 

My second Weiland posting.  I need some help, people.
This is definetly a cool song with a lot of distortion vox.  Most of the
guitars are relatively clean, maybe a little distortion stuff (you may
just want to use a little grind or something like that).  Mostly it's
just the vocals that are distorted, though. -- Mark

Chords used:
(standard tuning - EADGBE)
A -- x02220
Bb -- xx3331
Em -- 022000
Am7 -- 002010
Am -- 002210
C -- 032010

A		       Bb
She waits for the date
	   A				  Bb
And yet she knows that he?s not coming
A		     Bb
He waits for the date,
	  A				 Bb
And yet he knows that he?s not coming

Em			     Am7   Am
I hope that it?s not the break up
Em				           C - Am7 - Am
And I hope that it?s just the break

Em - C - Am - Em
I love you, I love you...
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