Wendy Mcneill - Black Angus chords

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Am                   F   
You say you are quiet because you lack food
    C                        Em
I delight in your entree and watch as you chew
Am                          F              
Now that your steak must be well on it's way
            C                                 Em
Through ten feet of intestines you still have nothing to
Nothing to say

Am F C Em
I made you the offer to speak of your thirst
But your smirk was enorous and your hands well rehearsed
You were blue with the moonlight and wet with compari
Said 'we've only got a month so let's get busy'

Am F C Em
You were so gentle a decade ago
As I nursed you with spirits at 18 years old
Now I'm a woman and I've traveled too
I would like to be more than some charm that you use
You've studied religions, traveled the world,
Collected artifacts, collected girls
Wish I was your brother, so that we could hang
So that I could know you
You beautiful beautiful thing

Am F C Em
A kiss to your left cheek a kiss to your right
I move to your third eye and you pull away
Where does your god live? Where do you go?
You said god is in everything except my clothes
You are a player and I am a flirt
But I am looking for better I want to go deeper
I want to know more

Am F C Em
You're writing a fairytale and in it is truth
She is an old hag that's toothless and bruised
The twist in the tale is in her last request
She says give me a sugarcoat when of me they ask
She is your daughter, she is your muse
She's in your drawings and she is in you
And I know you love her
I know you do
You beautiful
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