Wes Compton - Sing Of You chords

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Key: G
Capo: 3

B | E | A |   | (x2)

Verse 1
   A.                      E.    
A grace so marvelous, beyond my comprehension
      C#m                      A.
Redemption by your cross, my sin has been forgiven
    A.                          E. 
My faith held in your heart, a love that is relentless
    C#m                       B.
My chains broken apart, for I have been forgiven!

      F#m.                C#m.                    A.                B. 
I'll always remember the grace of my savior, your love in my favor forever

      B.           E.     A.         B. 
I'll sing of your mercy forever and ever
      B.           E.     A. 
I'll sing of your love evermore
    B.            E.           A.           C#m.   B. 
Rejoice in the grace that has saved me and changed me
     B.          E.        A.    
And sing of you Jesus my lord
B | E | A |   |

Verse 2
    A.                       E.      
My refuge and strength, You're my fortress and shelter
     C#m                     A. 
My shield and my rock all my days
      A.                      E. 
I'll sing of your power and glory forever
    C#m.                    B.              
For yours is all glory and praise


Verse 3
     A.                      E. 
When my eyes are blinded by my fears and pride in
     C#m.                      A. 
The things of this world, not of you 
    A.                        E. 
May I not lose sight that my God has provided
   C#m.                 B. 
My Jesus has guided me through


Bridge (x4)
     B.              E. 
For you have been my stronghold
A refuge in the day of my distress
     C#m.          B. 
I'll sing of you forever

Intro (x2)
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