Wheatus - Wannabe Gangstar chords

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Song: Wannabe Gangster
Artist: Wheatus
Album: Wheatus
Tabbed by: fivestringbass

I think the actual recording uses barre chords but you can use open chords if you want to.

Verse 1:
E              C#            C          E        C# C
I am a wannabe you better be careful around me,
E                    C#              C         E   C#
I come from far away where mustang dreams are made,
            C                E                           C#    C
And we are fashioned in the image of the dons who have come before us,
         E                              C#       C
We all kiss the rings of sand like our fathers told us.

             E                      B           A
Cause I'm a wannabe gangster better go back to commack,
       E                      B           A
I'm a wannabe gangster better go back to commack,
       E                      B           A
I'm a wannabe gangster better go back to commack,
        C          B
Better go back to far away.

Verse 2:
Like a lemon pie a la mode my nine is easy to load,
All hail jericho turn pike teck that's where I go,
To learn the things about the universe I'll need,
So I can build a stampede,
Cause I'm all up in your face again all up in your face.


Interlude: (same chords as verses)
A wannabe gangster a victim of the chromosome prankster,
I thanks ya I sits back in my chair to comtemplate my hair (ooh damn I reak of cologne),
But yo I'm looking snappy I'm nappy I'm crappy,
Got Jimmy hats from pappy so now I'm trigger happy,
(Girl did he just rhyme crappy with happy) yeah,
So you girlies wanna get with this nit wit got cheese whiz or not,
Then I'm a hafta blow up ya mail box biatch,
Or toilet paper ya front yard show the cops my suburbs card,
They gotta let me go cause they know that I'm hard,
It's the deal for real,
Ya better listen to what I'm telling ya,
Cause I'm a wannabe gangster.


And that's it, it's a pretty easy song to learn.
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