Wheel - My Hanging Surrender chords

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Band: The Wheel
Song: "My Hanging Surrender"
Album: Desire and Dissolving Men

I love this song, and believe I successfully figured out the chords to this song.
C sounds better as C/G, and Fmaj7 could be played as F.

(Lyrics questionable)

Intro:  C   Fmaj7  (x4)

C                            Fmaj7
You and I must sink, 
as an old wooden ark
and not to enwove
when i was starved.
hey pretty island
in the clouds
and push it on the land
and when youre done, begin my 

hey, im in, i mean it 'bove my main....

C                           Fmaj7
hey chickening out
in your arms, in your eyes
oh, chuckin' it in when you have to.
Cast out your life boat
I'm running late, hold it
I'll balance it all on my head.
We got some...

Am                                Fmaj7
help, they made us believe it
and you help to make this 'bout thine
and you held your own world to heaven.

You held, you held, all our lives...

C                                      Fmaj7
Oh, when you have me.
like a skippin' rock, almost
one way to get back
i'm trying to make it to this
i'm wounded in grass wade
I'm singin' an ode.

hey, i saw it burn and fall in stride

C        Fmaj7 (x2)
and they caught your own...

Am                        Fmaj7
i made them believe it
oh my name is yuhan
oh my name is yuhan
it comes in lame

C        Fmaj7
oh. oh.
C                                        Fmaj7
and i will stand here no more
i will stand here no less
if i could only be rowing
wouldn't stand for this, which is...

Am                       Fmaj7
hey i'm on it sideways
hey i'm on your collar
oh dont tell it forever
oh my hanging surrender
it must be claimed.

C                   Fmaj7
oh. oh. oh. oh. 

Ends on C.

Hope you enjoyed it!
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