White Rabbits - Rudie Fails Acoustic tab

This is what Stephen and Gregory, or at least just Gregory, are playing on their guitars 
in this acoustic rendition of the song:


      A   G  D
E  :--5---3--10--|
B  :--5---3--10--|
G  :--6---4--11--|
D  :--7---5--12--|
A  :--7---5--12--|
E  :--5---3--10--|

      A  G  B   D
E  :--5--3--7--10--|
B  :--5--3--7--10--|
G  :--6--4--7--11--|
D  :--7--5--8--12--|
A  :--7--5--8--12--|
E  :--5--3--7--10--|

There's a way to make it out in time

Keep the cash under the mattress

         G             D
They're down in the streets

Run for cover

And if your money ain't no good that's fine

While everyone's duking it out

And taking names

                 D       A
Well, I'll just take a number

'Cause I


A   G   B
 No, no, no

No I don't care at all

A   G   B
 No, no, no

I don't care at all

A           G            B
  Not at all, not at all, not at all

No, I don't care at all


And if it's any consolation

Well I never got mine so while you're

G           D                A
Out taking names and taking orders

They are all, too cheap

Oh relax, take a seat now

        G            D
We all laugh in our sleeps

When it's over

'Cause I


D                A
Yeah, you could beat the

        G               B
Living daylights right out of me

 And I don't care at all

A                  G
I see you running for dear life

B                      D
I feel so sorry for you

(Well I don't care at all)

If you get bored and want to mix it up a bit, where they continue playing A after the 
first chorus and at the end while the second guitar
gets something to do, you can play the second guitar's bit and play:

E  :---------------|
B  :----(9x)-------|
G  :----------6----|
D  :--7-------6----|
A  :--7-------4----|
E  :--5------------|

Tabbed by Ariel Oliver (AhReeEl on Youtube)
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