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White Stripes - Whos To Say tab

The White Stripes - Who's To Say

A:   x02220								
G:   320003								
C:   x32010								
D:   xx0232							
A/C: x32220 							  
A5:  x022xx								
G5:  533xxx								
C5:  x355xx (Play the same as the intro)		  
D5:  x577xx 								
F:   133211								
E:   022100								
|-----------------(Play 4 Times)-------------|

A        G        A     C     D A
Who's to say that I'm unhappy
         G      A     C D A
'Cause I rarely smile
         G       A         C      D A
Sittin', hopin', dreamin', waitin'
       G       A    C D
For my ship to sail
         C        D         C      D
Who's to say this time I've wasted
        C         D    A/C A/C A
Someday won't get used
      G      A           C D A
Maybe if you come around
              G     A
I'll start to get enthused

A        D  D  C C
Who's to say
Who's to say

Break: Play 4 Times
A5  A5 A5 A5  G5  G5 G5 G5  A5  A5 A5 A5  C5 D5

D5 D5   C5 C5


Verse 2:
(Play for the first 2 lines of the verse as well)
e|-----------(Play 2 Times)------------------|

Who's to say that I'm obsessed
With everything you do
Just because it seems my schedule
Seems to shadow you
Who's to say that tired cliché is
More fish in the sea
And I don't mind treading water
'Cause you're the one for me

D               A
You say that by now
         E                 A
I should know you'll never love me
    D                 A   
But who's to say that what has never
C         D     A
Been will never be
         C         D     A
What has been will never be


Verse 3:
Who's to say in time I wouldn't
Learn how to relax
You'd forget about my clammy
Hands and my nervous laugh
Who's to say the way you look at
Him is truly love
Maybe they should realize
I fit you like a glove

Chours then Break
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