White Stripes - I Can Learn tab

The White Stripes - I Can Learn

Em: 022000				
B5: x244xx	
G#5: 466xxx						
A5: 577xxx					
Bb5: x133xx					
B5/F: 2244xx					
D5: x577xx								

Intro: Em

Em B5   G#5
I  wish we
     G#5   A5 Bb5 B5
Were stuck up a   tree
Em   B5   G#5
Then we'd know
          G#5 A5 Bb5 B5  B5/F
That it's nic-er bel-ow


Am                        Am/G Am
I don't know any lullabys

I don't know how to make you mine
Em               Riff Am
But I can learn
                  Am/G Am
In lonely days ago
I saw lovers put on a show

Well now it's my turn

D5 B5 3x

Riff Am
Riff Em

Verse 2:
Drive you home
Then wait by the phone
For that call
And a walk in the fall

No harm will come of this
One little midnight kiss
It will not burn
Too many lonely days
I feel like a throw away
Well now it's my turn

Verse 3:
Falling down
Is no longer around
Feeling sun
I'm no longer one
well isn't this fun?
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