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Who - See Me Feel Me tab

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See Me Feel Me
The Who
From "Tommy"

Ebmaj7  F 
See me, feel me
F         G
Touch me, heal Me
Ebmaj7  F
See me, feel me
F         B 
Touch me, heal me

B Esus4 E2
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A                B        C
Listning to you, I get the music
A                B        E
Gazing at you, I get the heat
A                B        C
Following you, I climb the mountain
G                D       Bsus4 B2
I get excitement at your feet


A      x02220
B      x24442
B2     7x987x
C      x32010
E      x7999x
E2     xxx454
G      320003
D      xx0232
F      133211
Ebmaj7 x68786
Esus4  xxx455
Bsus4  7x997x
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