Widespread Panic - Fishwater chords

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|-0----0------0--0--0---0--3--2---|Am7 theme

Verse 1:
Four train days                                     -|
Get me back to New Orleans                           |
Drink more fishwater there                           |
Than any whale's mama ever seen                      |  Am7
Alright tonight                                      | theme
I've been fueling my dreams eatin greens and beans   |
When I get back down there                           |
I'm gonna drink more fish stew                       |
Than all the big fishes do                          -|

And I still want more
I still want more
I still want more

Verse 2:
Gimme tonight                                       -|
Gonna dream my way on back                           |
Spend my life down there                             |  Am7
Down on that bourbon street                          | theme
Watch my money, and mind my leg down in New Orleans  |
Can't tell which mens turns womens there             |
And which womens just turns mean                    -|



Here's the outro that Houser and Schools plays
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