Widowspeak - Storm King tab

                           Storm King - Widowspeak

Tabbed by: syphaxe
Tuning: standard

The whole song alternates between D and Gm using the following fingering

             D                              Gm

e|--2--2 h3--3--2--o--h2-----------------------3-------------------------|

Another option (for accompanying guitar or bass) is D, Gm, Bb

[[verse i]]

When we forget

What we had known

How the west was won

How the seeds were sewn

The names of the stars

When the tides would come

The face of the moon

And the place of the sun


Storm King seemed to say

Bad weather was on its way

But we'd already stopped listening

[[verse ii]]

And you know nothing

Was easier to believe

It's hard to ask

For what you need

And we found out

That it's not forever

Running from death

Doesn't make a thing better


Storm King seemed to say

That a change was on its way

But we've already stopped listening

//global warming, bitches!// - go ride a bike

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