Wil Wagner - Fuck You Jackie chords

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This one is easy, just listen for a few off time chord switches and up or down strumming.

'Fuck You, Jackie'
Wil Wagner


E                                                               Asus
So scared when I close my eyes of what I'll see when I open them.

But it's not a monster anymore, it's the worried face of a friend.

Wanna find my younger self, wring his little fucking neck,

                                                               E        E
For thinking it would impress Jackie if I dragged on her cigarette.

And I guess that it did.

              F#m         B                E
Cause when we kissed her lips tasted just like it.

E                                      Asus                            F#m
Walk in time with the rushing waitress just so I can walk with someone,

                               B       E
This pier's too pretty to be alone on.

And back home on the landlocked bed, between good loving and common sense

  F#m                       B                      Bm
I realised I can definitely keep living like this,

I just need to quit.

The stale warmth of her mouth was dulled by far too many afternoons like this,
Spent posing round the car park half alive, half scared shitless.
The concerned consumers waddled on into the dull fluorescent throng.
I looked down and realised, I still had my school uniform on.

And the older kids had said, they'd have done it if she dared.
And I knew from that moment on that part of me would always be
Impressing someone or hopelessly scared.

I've just gotta get my shit together.

**Disclaimer: There is a very good chance this tab is not 100% correct and I am okay
with that.  Leave your respectful corrections or tips in the comments box and the tab will
be corrected**

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By: Christian Suderman
Username: Sudey
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