Wilco - You Are My Face chords

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Song: You are My Face
Artist: Wilco
Album: Sky Blue Sky
Tabbed By: Reily Shade

Great song. It's written (as far as I can tell) in standard tuning.
The whole song is basically in D. If you have any corrections (though I'm pretty sure 
is right) send me an email at reily.is.me@gmail.com. Enjoy.

I remember my motherís sisterís husbandís brother
G                                                D
Working in the goldmine full-time filling in for sunshine
Filing into tight lines of ordinary beehives
    Em                                G
The door screams I hate you, hate you hanging around my blue jeans
Why is there no breeze, no currency of leaves?
No current through the water wire no feelings I can see
I trust no emotion; I believe in locomotion
         Em                                         G
But I've turned to rust as we've discussed though I must have let you down
too many times in the dirt and the dust

(short solo thing; if you just change the chords with this progression while playing 
to the song, you'll get how it goes)
Bm  Am  Em  G

(played loudly as quarter notes) Bbm Bm

(Then there's another short solo. The chords played for rhythm during this solo are 
as they're the same as the next part.)

I have no idea how this happens
All of my maps have been overthrown
Happenstance has changed my plans
So many times my heart has been outgrown
Now everybodyís feeling all alone
Canít tell you who I am
When everybodyís feeling all alone
              Bbm   Bm
Canít tell you who I am

(other solo, just follow these chords; they're the same ones as before)
Bm  Am  Em  G

(And then it does another verse, with the same chords as the first...)

I am looking forward
Toward the shadows tracing bones
Our faces stitched and sewing
Our houses hemmed into homes
Trying to be thankful
Our stories fit into phones
And our voices lift so easily
A gift given accidentally
When weíre not sure
Weíre not alone

And the outro to the song is just D and Bm alternated in I think whole notes. Just 
to the song, you'll get the jist of it.
Hoped this tab helped!
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