Wilco - Please Be Patient With Me tab

Standard tuning, Capo III

I'm pretty sure there are multiple guitars in this solo, but this is what I could pick 
out. Good luck!

E | -----------------------------------------------------------------|
B | -----5~-------------3~-------------------------------------------|
G | ---------4-4/6/2~------2/4p0---2--0h2-0-----0--------------------|
D | -----------------------------------------0h2---------------------|
A | -----------------------------------------------3h5--3/2----------|
E | ---------------------------------------------------------5p3-----|

E | -----------------------------------------------------------------|
B | ---------5/3/1--5------------5~---3-----6-3-63-3s5---------------|
G | ---0h2--------------2p0----2-----3--3s4--------------------------|
D | -----------------------------------------------------------------|
A | -----------------------------------------------------------------|
E | -----------------------------------------------------------------|
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