Wilco - Sunken Treasure chords

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Sunken Treasure - Wilco

Info:  After looking at other versions for the album (Being There) version,
       and listening to the song, this slight change seems correct to me. 
       The key to this song is the picked bass line, which indicates the 
       second chord is a Dmaj7 with a C# as the bass note.  Because you are 
       playing both the C# and the D right next to each other (see chord 
       chart at bottom), you get the dissonance in that second chord like 
       the album has, which a F#m doesn’t.  Below Intro has the picked bass 
       line in parentheses.  Standard tuning.  

Intro: |D(A)     (B) Dmaj7(C#)  (B)  |G(D)   

        |D            Dmaj7      |G                 |D           Dmaj7     |G
There's rows and rows of houses,              with windows painted blue.
With the light from the TV,                   running parallel to you.
But there is no sunken treasure,             rumored to be.
Wrapped inside my ribs                  in a sea black with ink.

     |A                  |Bm             |G         Bm
I am so          out of tune        with you,
     |A                  |Bm             |G   
         I am so out of tune       with you.

        |D            Dmaj7      |G                 |D           Dmaj7     |G
        If I had a mountain                     I'd try to fold it over
    And if I had a boat            You know it would probably roll over
 And I leave it on the shore                   I'd leave it for somebody
        Surely there's somebody               Who needs it more than me


        |D            Dmaj7      |G                 |D           Dmaj7     |G
    For all the leaves we burn                Autumn fires and then return
    For all the fire we burn                        All will return
        Music is my savior                    I was maimed by rock n roll
 I was maimed by rock n roll                 I was tamed by rock n roll
Got my name from rock n roll 

    D    Dmaj7     G 
e |--2-----------------|
B |--3------3------0---|
G |--2------2------0---|
D |--0------0------5---|
A |--0----2-4----2-5---|  -- bass line
E |----------3---------|
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